Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cool blogger mom from the west.

Heads up, for this post will be entirely in English because she might read this. Hihihi. I shit you not, because she is THAT cool.

A few months before as I was so bored at work, I read all posts from David Thorne's website and I don't know what to read anymore since if I had opened a book to read, my coworker will give me the eye (I've never tried it and just assumed she will be).

Then I went through all websites on the right side of his website and there it was, a website that catch my attention: So Then... Stories.

I started to read her posts from the bottom (as I usually do) and I find myself still reading even until 5:30pm. Usually at 5:20pm I've already packed my laptop, washed my glass and stare at the clock.

Darcy Perdu's writing style is simple and yet its simplicity became its advantages. Seriously, go read her posts and she will touch your heart and your soul. And more importantly, she is funny! I couldn't believe that she is a mom to a daughter and a son. I imagine that she is as cool as my late mom. But my mom is waaaay cooler than her. Hoho.

(Is it correct? Cooler? It's not like beautifuler, right? Psh. Whatever.)

Plus, she always, ALWAYS reply to the comments! Not like some of the blogger who wouldn't even bother to read them. Not only that, she read her readers' blog too! I know because she read mine. Well, not read, since nowadays I only write in Malay because my dream is to write a novel (like it would happen in the near future but pray for me okay?). She would go through my posts to see the photos, and comment on them! She is so awesome!

She have a big heart, too. She gives free goodies to her reader; So Then... Stories t-shirt! I've got one, so, no more for you guys, though. HAHAHAH. No, I'm sorry you guys won't get one. Truly very sorry. *Smirk*

Well, just try your luck. You might get the awesome t-shirt ;)

My kawaii face is already on her page with the t-shirt in front of Menara Condong Teluk Intan since I thought "Kuala Lumpur is KLCC, right? What a cliché". People wouldn't know that Malaysia have many historical buildings and monuments if we always show KLCC as the face of Malaysia.

It's 5:30pm! Till then. Make sure to go to her website, okay? OKAY? Okay.


Haddock said...

Must have a look at her writing.

wann afzan™ said...

It's a must!

Darcy Perdu said...

Wann, you are an absolute DOLL!! Thank you so much for writing a blog post in ENGLISH -- and a blog post about ME! I am so flattered! You even posted a photo of my website and shirt! You are my absolute favorite Kuala Lumpurian (if that is a word?)! You are the coolest and beautifulest! From your California pal, Darcy Perdu

wann afzan™ said...

I'm so glad you like this post! Yes yes Kuala Lumpurian is a word if you are the one who said it! Hahaha.