Monday, July 14, 2014

Should a wedding be so expensive?

The right answer is "no".

Why? You ask me why? Wait. Nobody asked me why? Why?

Hahah okay straight to the point!

Weddings shouldn't be expensive. At all! You want a beautiful wedding without spending too much money that you didn't have? You can. Like me. Yeap. I'm the most stingy bride to be ever.

 Of course we should invite our family, friends and neighbours as to tell them that we are married so kita takkan timbulkan fitnah. But are we really required to invite others that didn't even know us? Like orang kampung yang kita tak pernah sembang, friends of the family that we never met, and our Facebook friends that we never know why they were in our list of friends?

From here we can downsize guests, thus, downsize our food budget. Be it catering or served straight on tables, we can really save more money when we downsize our guests. It's that easy.

For me, catering is much more saving than serving. Ask anyone, they would say the same. Unless you do western style, with RSVP and everything, you can save more like that.

And forget all those unnecessary booths (candy, cupcakes, coffee/tea). Why? Because IT IS UNNECESSARY!

Public/Community Halls is the cheapest of all. Plus, you wouldn't have to clean or decorate the hall. But after, you have to clean the place a bit for the deposit money. Meh. Easy.

Hotel's Ballroom? Yeah, sure, if you are made of money. Plus, they have their own catering so you wouldn't have to search for one.

Home is the trickiest. You have to clean and decorate your house, rent some tents, and block your neighbours. But you have to rent the correct number of tents (for guests, for the bride and groom's table, for the caterer). And they are expensive. Unless you know a guy who know a guy who have wedding tents for rent, maybe you can get a better price.

Outfit and accessories
This part is all you. Brides' dress is expensive. Grooms can find a suit or baju melayu with a reasonable price and they are done.

For me, the most cheapest way is to buy a ready made dress. The most beautiful dress full of labuci and pearls here and there, you can get under RM300. Trust me, because I already found my perfect dress. And I assure you, the dress is so simple (but perfect!) that I can wear it even after the wedding (to any events). So, no regrets!

For example, dresses like this would only cost like RM250 around Jalan TAR, Masjid Jamek and Kenanga Wholesale. But I won't recommend you to buy online for you wouldn't know your exact size and if it is suitable for you.

Visit Trendy Sofratunnisa

To rent is very expensive. Minimum is RM500. If you want a really beautiful dress, of course it will be at least RM700.

Tailor made dress can be cheap but sloppy, and it can be perfect and expensive. Even if they make a simple dress, it will cost at least RM200. Then you will want to add pearls, kerawang, 3d flowers. Overall? RM300. But it will be simple lah. It's up to you.

And I made my hand bouquet myself using felt. Sooooooo cheap! Fresh and fake flowers both are very expensive. Not to mention ready made hand bouquet. Even if they are using felt, the cheapest that I can find is RM150. I'm like, what the fuck? You can buy a roll of felt for RM5 at Daiso kot. And you can get at least 20 roses. And it is VERY easy!

This will be my hand bouquet but it is not done yet so don't judge it!
You don't know how to do it? Me too! You don't have the talent? What a coincidence! Me too! But what did I do? I Googled. (OMG you can Google these?).

Use your damn expensive iPhone/Samsung/Sony/Blackberry(haha) or your PCs and laptops for these! Just Google the tutorials. YouTube too!

Too lazy? Yeah, I figured. Go to my wedding blog for these flowers tutorial. Psh.

I did the rozettes too. To buy only 20 pieces is a waste of money. And it is fucking easy. People would throw it away, anyway. But if you do it yourself, they might keep them. Or maybe wear them regularly with their shawls!

Also not completed yet. Just want to add ribbons.
You can find the tutorial in my wedding blog. And, I won't add any money. Because I'm stingy, remember? Haha!

Anything else to do to cut your budget? Just ignore what everyone says.

"Oh you should add this and that."

"Oh you should do this, that, or all of that!"

"Oh you should wear this and this and that and that very expensive thingy that people wouldn't even notice!"

Unless they give you money for "this and that", just smile and said "Fuck you."

Kidding! (but if you are that kind of a person, go ahead)

Just politely smile and nod. But never do what they ask you to do if that thing is very ridiculous. But if it is your custom (like Perak should have something sweet for hantaran), choose the cheapest way to please your elders. If the cheapest way of Perak (because I'll get married in Teluk Intan), I should include a pack of sugar in the hantaran. Yeah.

But never, ever be rude to the old ones because they are the ones that will help the most on your wedding day.

I'll update my budget on my wedding blog soon. Soon.

Updates on my life? I resigned from Saphire Screen and on the same day as my last day there, I got a job offer from Maybank. So, yay me!

And my wedding day will be on 13th December 2014. Hihi.

Okay bye.